Sumeet Jain
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23 Feb 2011

Little Wisdom #25

Leadership is persuasion of outlook.

02 Feb 2011

Little Wisdom #24

Start early, put on real clothes, define tasks, get cracking.


04 Jan 2011

Little Wisdom #23

Peace of mind is an illusion if it is easily shattered.

18 Oct 2010

Little Wisdom #22

Sing with friends.

07 Apr 2009

Little Wisdom #21

Insisting on being bored is immature and destructive. Like a marathon runner bah-humbugging his way through the alleys of Paris.

10 Jan 2009

Little Wisdom #20

You do not have to be the best at everything. You are not the best at everything. You do not have to be the best at everything. You are not the best at everything. Repeat until you believe it.

09 Jan 2009

Little Wisdom #19

You can be anyone you want to be. Being someone does not guarantee survival. Survival does not guarantee prosperity. Prosperity does not guarantee happiness.

07 Jan 2009

Little Wisdom #18

You don’t have to be older to be wiser. But time brings with it gifts of opportunity… Opportunities for embarrassments, mistakes, successes. And chances to be forced into making painful decisions. So although age doesn’t guarantee wisdom, it does guarantee more opportunities to have gained it.

02 Jan 2009

Little Wisdom #17

Quickness to genuinely accept responsibility for wrongdoings is a reliable indicator of maturity.

25 Dec 2008

Little Wisdom #16

Begin a story with the words, “At last!”.

24 Dec 2008

Little Wisdom #15

Real Honesty requires the courage to face confrontation. We often fall short of Honesty, because we fear a response - and because we think making a person feel good is how to become a part of their life.

09 Dec 2008

Little Wisdom #14

Do not mistake a fear of being condemned for righteousness. The former stems from and produces insecurity and anxiety, while the latter merely offers peace.

04 Dec 2008

Little Wisdom #13

For ailments of the mind, meditate. For ailments of the body, fast. Only when these do not work or there is not time for proper healing should a human retreat to the services of a doctor.

25 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #12

If you want to understand a company, look at how they make their money.

25 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #11

Do not fear appearing foolish due to asking questions with obvious answers or making statements that are quickly shown to be false. Such practices are known all too well to Leaders of Wisdom.

25 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #10

Some people will try frequently to motivate you with shallow incentives like power, fame, or money - and infrequently with deep morality. These are often Manipulators whose words and intentions are especially out of sync.

24 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #9

Don’t forget that you get to decide what’s funny. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

23 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #8

Artifical laughter can be a short-term solution to genuine moroseness.

20 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #7

Beware the Joker, who uses humor or lightness to avoid learning lessons.

17 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #6

Speak slowly lest your precious words are not heard.

16 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #5

Never seek praise for overcoming self-inflicted hardship.

16 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #4

If you’re having trouble getting up in the morning, brush your teeth and take a shower.

13 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #3

Do not confuse your own lack of interest for a lack of interestingness in others.

11 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #2

When humiliation leaves you feeling angry, look at those around you and think only of their perspective. They have forgotten all about it, yet you dwell on the delusion that they are looking at you with judgment in their eyes. Accept this to forget humiliation.

When humiliation leaves you feeling angry, ask yourself if ideal behavior would have prevented the slight. Let the shame wash over you, and emerge from it a wiser person because you understand your mistake and the solution. Do this to conquer humiliation.

05 Nov 2008

Little Wisdom #1

Do not battle insecurities by seeking new skills.