Sumeet Jain
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Hi, I'm Sumeet. I make websites.

Web Design that is handcrafted to fit your business goals.
Web Development for your rich application, blog, or other CMS.
E-Commerce so you can manage and sell your products easily online.

Featured Work:

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Why Choose Me:

I have 7 years of experience building websites for all kinds of organizations - from large corporations like Intel and Yahoo! to startups to local non-profits. I'm comfortable in various web-related roles and am passionate about my work.


What's good for one business isn't always worthwhile for another, so it's in your best interest to choose a web developer who can evaluate different solutions and make sure you understand what you're buying. Because of my experience, I know what questions to ask when starting a project:

  • Is your website best suited by a system that lets you edit the content yourself?
  • Will future maintenance of the website be outsourced or handled in-house?
  • How will your business field support inquiries from web customers?

I'll ask questions like these and it will be my pleasure to offer my opinions on what will work best for you.


I believe my experience and communication skills set me apart in the web industry. But whomever you choose to build your website should be able to make some promises about their work for you:

  • The website I build for you will improve your business.
  • It's going to look good.
  • Your website will load quickly.
  • It will work across major browsers and operating systems.
  • Google and other search engines will index your website.

Technical Skills

I'm an expert at writing clean and compliant HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My Javascript library of choice is jQuery, for which I have experience writing custom scripts.

I also have experience building applications in Ruby on Rails and PHP, and I have worked in a Groovy on Grails (Java framework) environment.

For version control, I'm comfortable with either Git or SVN. I use Git for all of my personal projects. And I'm skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Let's talk!

Email me for a free quote:, or if you'd just like to chat about what kind of website will work best for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn if that's your thing.