Sumeet Jain

Hello there.

You can find me on Twitter, or send me an email.

I make websites of all shapes and sizes. One of my recent projects was a simple potluck manager. I also enjoy taking photos and collecting little wisdoms.

I was born and raised in California. I'm open-minded and love the beach, avocados, and french fries in my burritos. Currently, I'm living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes, I travel - recently around the USA via trains and driving.

I like: the sound of tires on the road during a rainy day, the way my feet sink into the sand when the wave recedes, and long underwear. I don't like: the ringing of phones, dirty dishes, or blankets made of synthetic material.

My favorite thing to do on a weekend evening is cook breakfast for dinner, be rowdy for a while, then calm down and play board games.

Let's be friends!